When you click on phishing emails, you can potentially reveal a lot of information about yourselfm, information hackers could use.

Georgi Spasov
24 Apr 2019

The noble art of hacking is all about psychology. If you leave the technical aspect aside, the one thing that gets most people is the false sense of security, overconfidence and trust. Yeah, people trust people they haven’t even seen in their life. That’s what the 21. Century is all about. Being secure in such an insecure world seems the most absurd thing ever. But somehow it’s all working out in the end. We are making progress and business is thriving. Trust is what defines us as people, gives us power to overcome differences and solve almost unsolvable problems, but it can also be exploited for the most vile things.

You trust your friends, right? And if your friend uses the email address samplefriend@example.com, and you are in constant connection together, you see nothing wrong in downloading an attached file, sent from samplefreind@example.com, right? Look into both emails and check if you can find something wrong. That’s right. I’ve switched the places of two characters. I can tell you, a lot of people fell for this and clicked on the attached extension.

Hackers love this. Misplacing one character in the domain name or in the username is one of the most common tactics hackers utilize to do spear phishing campaigns or whaing. It’s a low risk, high profit strategy that, if executed correctly, gives a lot of leverage to the hackers.

This kind of attack is almost uncatchable. Imagine you have an inbox full of a hundred emails per day. And you’ve got to verify every time that the email address is the correct one. That’s complete madness. A waste of time. Our solution automates this validation. Email Protector uses several algorithms to verify the sender of the message and compare it to the email sender that you have trusted. The chrome extension is lightweight and you can download it in the chrome market FOR FREE. Check out how out extension works!

Georgi Spasov

Georgi Spasov

Georgi was the Bulgarian POC for high-tech crimes during his work as a cybercrime forensic investigator. Now, as a fullstack developer, he contributes with his knowledge in building highly available software solutions.

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