Our mission is to integrate a cross-platform email security solution that will aid you in your day-to-day tasks and will keep hackers away from your inbox.

Ivan K.
14 Apr 2019

War against cyber criminals - Online Corpus key values

Ever wondered how people got as far as they are? Well, we did. The never-ending strive to know how things function the way they do made us discover very interesting things. Judging by how fast the world is changing, the next couple of decades will be one hell of a rollercoaster - technologically, politically and economically.

But some things don’t change. As individuals, we have to satisfy different levels of needs in order to continue surviving and evolving - at least that’s what Abraham Maslow states.

The feeling of security several thousand years ago was something slightly different than now - back in the day people had no houses like us now, the only thing that they had was a tribe and some huts. And if we examine closely their habits, we will find a lot of differences with our current lifestyle.

As we evolve and progress technologically, mentally, and as a civilization, our needs change - now, for instance, it’s less possible that you’ll get hunted down by a predator or a foreign culture.<p>But the probability of someone stealing money from a bank account rises with the level of technical incompetence. Incompetence is a harsh word and implies that someone should feel guilty about something at a specific period of time. And that’s correct. When one’s knowledge is insufficient, a lot of problems could occur. But we can’t all be experts in every single field, can we?

Fortunately for us, the 21.Century gives us strong computational power and a community of people, willing to help eachother for the sake of humanity itself.

Our mission is to integrate an interoperable cross-platform security solution that will aid you in your day-to-day tasks.

All round the world, businesses suffer under the hits of cunning cyber criminals - their corporate correspondence gets hacked, the lives of the people working at the company gets owned and, at the end, the company ends up being robbet at plain daylight by criminals, lurking in the shadows of the internet.

Anually, billions of dollars end up in Bank accounts of people all over the world, but mostly countries from the 'Eastern Block' of Europe - Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Moldova, Czech Republic. Despite all efforts, national legislation of some of those countries has not reached the minimal standard that can guarantee people's safety and well-being.

This applies to companies as well.

When a 'hacker' hijacks a company's online correspondence, the loss can be several tens of thousends of Euro. Big corporations can recover from such an attack, if it occurs, but the effect of some of the small businesses is almost always catastrophical. They cannot recover from such a loss. The psychological pressure on the owners and workers brings everyone to the edge of desparation, and often time causes severe emotinal crysis - the effects of which last for a long, long time.

More and more malicious individuals decide to make their living not by contributing to the greater good of our global world, but rather attack and try to exploit non-suspcious small and middle-sized companies. In the last decade, this turned out to be one of the most profitable types of crimes.

The main reason for this is that most companies neglect and completely ignore the need of an effective cyber security solution that can help them. Leaving their fate to the criminals and giving up the most valuable for every single individual, is the reason why more and more crimes of that nature occur.

The main reason why we decided to start Online Corpus is that in our experience as cyber crime investigators and security professionals, THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE APPLICATION that could mitigate those kinds of attacks. Knowing the nature of the 'hackers', we knew what we should to in order to help the community.

We have spent years of researching and learning patterns of malicious individuals, thus we have come up with a great solution that can give you the tools that can help you keep all your money safe and sound, and your company - financially unharmed.

Yet, 'hackers' are always on the move and in the lookout for new victims. That is where our tools can help you be one step ahead of them, and even if your correspondence gets compromised, you will be alerted.

As every aspect of our live gets tightly coupeled with the Internet, and our online presence gains more and more significance, we have to come to the realization that cyber security tools and following best practices guidelines will be the things that guarantee our future well-being.

Ivan K.

Ivan K.

Ivan is a cyber security specialist with keen interest in latest cyber security trends. He is an expert in the area of phishing and whaling mitigation, and shows great knowledge in business risk evaluation.

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